A resource is any physical or virtual entity of limited availability, or anything used to help one earn a living. In most cases, commercial or even ethic factors require resource allocation through resource management.

Neo Leaf Global has considerable experience with management of resources including:

Neo Leaf Global is very conscious that the value or the importance of resources depends upon numerous factors including;
the needs of the people as human needs are not uniform all over the world, the level of technology influences the utilisation of resources, and the value of the resource changes with time.
For example, water was used by early man purely for his personal needs. As time went on, water was used by humans for irrigation, then as a means of transport, then to generate electricity.

Converting potential resources to actual resources can be challenging and Neo Leaf Global is experienced in this area. People are also considered as resources because they have the ability to change raw materials into valuable resources. Gaining the most from the skills, energies, talents, abilities and knowledge of human resources is also a forte of Neo Leaf Global.
With the rise in human numbers all over the world, the demand for resources has increased. The rising demand coupled with over-consumption of some resources has led to problems of; resource depletion, accumulation of resources in the hands of a few, environmental degradation, tragedy of the commons, and the resource curse.