23 August 2011

Introduction to the Christchurch Agency for Energy (CAfE)

The Christchurch Agency for Energy (CAfE) Trust was established, as a charitable organisation (Reg # 44869), by the Christchurch City Council in partnership with a number of other organisations to:

CAfE is also the agency that is tasked with investigating options for enhancing Christchurch’s energy mix, such as the district heating project proposed in the recently released draft Central City Plan.

Christchurch Energy Database
CAfE advocates more efficient use of energy, increased renewable energy use as a proportion of total energy used, and supports debate by providing accurate information on energy supply and usage in Christchurch.

A key component of this process is the development of a regularly updated database. The output of this database is available to monitor and record the ongoing amount of energy supplied and used in Christchurch by type, sector and proportion of renewable energy utilised, so that comparisons can be made over time. This will assist in a more accurate assessment of the effectiveness of various initiatives that will be undertaken by CAfE and others. It will also be helpful in identifying opportunities.

CAfE has commissioned Neo Leaf Global to develop this database, given their proven track record in this type of work, and their experience in the handling of commercially sensitive information.





Our people


The Chief Executive is Merv Altments.  The board, chaired by Bob Parker, includes Jill Atkinson, Sally Buck, Bill Highet, Alastair Hines, Leonid Itskovich, Rob Jamieson, and Andy Matheson.

Merv Altments, Chief Executive Officer – Christchurch Agency for Energy
Email: merv@cafe.gen.nz
Phone: +64 27 4335949
Merv has been a consultant and advisor on a range of management and technology efficiency issues.  He was Chairman of the Telecommunications Users Association of New Zealand (TUANZ), serving on the Board for seven years.  Merv’s work as Corporate Services and Support Services Manager at Christchurch City Council saw him lead a range of efficiency and sustainability initiatives.

Merv oversaw the appointment of the City Council’s first energy manager and guided through significant changes in the way the city and Council energy was managed.


David Tregurtha, Principal Consultant – Neo Leaf Global
Email: david.tregurtha@neoleafglobal.co.nz
Phone: +64 21 02280418

David has considerable energy sector and senior corporate management experience gained in Australia and North America.  His qualifications include a chemical engineering degree from the University of Canterbury and an MBA from the University of Queensland.  David returned to New Zealand in 2010 to focus primarily on energy sector activities.